Pharmaceutical Distributor | Medical Equipment Suppliers Dubai UAE

Sapphire Health has partnered with leading pharmaceutical companies to procure and supply products into the UAE healthcare market.

Sapphire Health aims to supply pharmaceutical products, medical devices and equipment, consumer healthcare, and veterinary products to pharmacies, government and private hospitals, and veterinary clinics throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Aarambh Life Science and Pantson Pharma are already in partnership with Sapphire Health to distribute their products.

Pharmaceutical Partners

Aarambh Life Science

"Aarambh Life Science" is established in 2009, an Indian Pharmaceutical company with distinctive global presence based at the commercial hub of India – Mumbai with vision to reach far beyond Animal health and welfare. Aarambh has developed Active raw materials for humans which cater to area such as Antihistamine, Anesthetic, Erectile Dysfunction, Anti Diabetic & others.

Pantson Pharma

Established in 2012, Pantson Pharma was conceived to market and distribute pharmaceutical products in emerging markets with quality dossiers as the key deliverables. Neel Nayan Pharma created in 2015, the integrated manufacturing and supply platform to Pantson Pharma is for high value solid oral products for the emerging markets. SKVen, established in 2014 as an R&D arm of V-Ensure for the APIs.